Preventing Fraud

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The primary purpose to apply data analytics to tackle fraud is due to the fact a number of internal control systems have extreme control weaknesses. in an effort to efficaciously test & monitor inner controls, companies want to examine each transaction that takes place & check them in opposition to installing parameters, throughout programs, across systems, from dissimilar programs & data assets. Most internal control systems really cannot handle this. On the top of that, as we enforce internal systems, some controls are even never turned on. The use of data analytics, one can discover root troubles, discover traits, & offer particular results. With the number of transactions flowing through corporations nowadays, the speed of business has increased particularly because scrutiny of individual transactions is quite tough to offer. This lack of scrutiny over individual transactions opens up the gate for people to abuse systems, perpetrate fraud, & materially affect monetary outcomes.
  • Counter Measures to Combat Cyber Terrorism
  • Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructures & High-Performance Computing
  • Security/Privacy Technologies
  • Personal Identity Verification
  • Human Activity Recognition