PCBS Electronic Printing

In the electronics industry, a widely recognized concern among designers and engineers in the design, testing, and integration of multilayer PCB prototypes in an electronics product. The more intricate the design, 3D printing a PCB makes manufacturing a complex multilayer PCB much easier by cutting out several steps. Normal PCB manufacturing technology requires blind and open to being drilled and plated the 3D-printing process simply print them. is focused on the research and development of advanced 3D printed electronics, including a 3D printer for multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB's), and the development of nanotechnology-based conductive and dielectric inks, which are complementary products for 3D printer. 3D inkjet multilayer PCB printing offers the kind of flexibility and responsiveness required in today’s competitive world and eliminates many of the drawbacks associated with outside PCB printing facilities. It lets the designer rapidly build functional prototypes in-house, thus helping to identify product defects in the initial stages of design. PCBS with interconnections and through-holes in hours – including even the most complex Prototypes.